I am an Emmy award winning compositor (2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement In A Craft: Graphic Design and Art Direction, as a Compositor for "Big History" on H2) with more than 30 years (yikes!) experience in feature and television post-production.  I am a senior level compositor, often serving as Lead or Supervisor.   I am a co-founder of VFX Legion. My most recent job was as Compositing Supervisor for "Winning Time" (Season 2) at Pixel Magic.
My skills include 3D camera composites, integrating CG into live plates, generating 2.5D particle effects, blue- and green-screen comps, motion graphics, roto and removals.  I come up with workable solutions relatively quickly.  I also have significant experience leading a team and coaching less experienced artists through tough spots. I learn something from just about everyone I work with.
I  use After Effects primarily, plus Mocha (a lot) and Nuke when I have to.  I have production experience with Mac, Windows and Linux.  I spent several years as Pixel Magic's Lead Compositor.  In 2007 I worked as a senior artist at Industrial Light and Magic on the first Transformers.
My wife and I have two dogs, my favorite place is Yosemite and I didn't get the chicken pox until I was 21. Go figure.
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